What Does Going Above and Beyond Really Look Like?

On Mar 23, 2017
Listed in Real Estate News

Imagine listing your home for sale in Columbia, Missouri. Then discovering your agent’s team went outside *conventional marketing practices and put your home in The Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal! In Columbia, Missouri, there has never been a home for sale that has been advertised in a publication of this caliber, with massive national and global distribution. Some might say, “Well, print is dead.” or “Nobody who reads that newspaper is actually going to buy in Columbia, Missouri.” They would be dead wrong. In fact, according to NAR (National Association of REALTORS®) **international buyers are responsible for purchasing 214,885 residential properties in the U.S. in 2016, up 3% from the year before. These buyers don’t find properties by driving past a yard sign, looking at zillow, heading over to the agent’s website or even coming to your agent’s open house. They use global resources that have a global reputation.

Click photo to see full details & pictures of this home.

Don’t forget the out-of-state buyers! How is a brand or local company reaching these out-of-town buyers?? After the WSJ published our Columbia listing, we received phone calls from Dallas and Detroit. Both are coming in town in early April to tour the property.

No other brand has the reach nor respect that international and out-of-state buyers demand. It’s simple. If you’re going to sell for the right price in the least amount of time you’ve got to stand out. Period. The traditional methods that other companies are using may get your home sold, but how many mortgage payments later, and for how much less? It’s a numbers game. The more eyeballs that see your home the faster it’ll sell and for the best price. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is the fastest growing real estate brand in the nation. The reason that it’s growing so fast is because it’s Berkshire Hathaway.

Columbia Home For Sale in The Wall Street Journal

Now obviously The WSJ ad is not the only piece of strategic marketing that our agents use. In fact, it’s one of many tactics we use beyond “traditional real estate marketing.” The power of Berkshire Hathaway working for you has two key differentiators: 1) Unbeatable and unrivaled exposure, and marketing for what is typically your biggest investment. 2) Trusted real estate advisors that are hand-picked, (not recruited) and start their day looking for ways to go above and beyond for you, the client.

Some key takeaways before listing your home:

  1. If you’re thinking of using a friend with a real estate license it doesn’t mean they know how to get your property sold or have the tools necessary to do it quickly and for the right price. Make sure to ask what specific marketing they’re going to do for your home to attract buyers locally, out-of-state and globally. You should ask to see a marketing calendar for your home over a 30-day period before signing anything.  Trusting a “friend” with your largest financial (and many times emotional) investment can be a very costly mistake.
  2. Before listing your home interview 3 agents or teams, then make sure the last appointment is with a Berkshire Hathaway professional. Then compare.
  3. Your agent must do 2 things very well: 1) Marketing and then 2) shepherding a client through a process that can take weeks or months. Finding a buyer is the fun part. It’s having a trusted advisor throughout the transaction that ultimately will determine a happy and smooth closing and overall experience.

Below are a few reasons why WSJ was a smart marketing and exposure play: (click the links to see our featured listing)

*Conventional Marketing: When agents claim to aggressively market your home, but in reality just put a sign in the yard and pray. (Oh, and then don’t answer their phone.)

**Foreign buyers purchased $102.6 billion of residential property in the U.S. between April 2015 and March 2016, according to NAR’s annual report on international activity in U.S. real estate. The number of properties purchased rose 2.8 percent to 214,885. The value of homes bought by foreigners was typically higher than the median price of all U.S. homes.

Below are some of Columbia’s local residential real estate market statistics.

Total Listings Price Range Avg. Price Size Range Avg. Size Avg. Price / Sq. Ft.
875 Low: $1,250
High: $3,499,900
$297,672 Low: 662 sq. ft.
High: 9,720 sq. ft.
2,627 sq. ft. $113 per sq. ft.

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